Saturday, January 17, 2015

Michael Sam proposed to longtime boyfriend Vito in Vatican in Rome,Itay

    American Football defensive end Michael Sam proposed to his longtime boyfriend Vita in Vatican city, Roma. According to TMZ,   Michael Sam wanted to make a statement when he proposed to his longtime BF — ’cause the football player popped the question right in Vatican City. Sam posted the pic … which shows HE was the one who got down on one knee and popped the question to Vito Cammisano last week.   We’re told Sam and Vito were inside St. Peter’s Basilica at the time. It’s sort of an act of defiance … considering the Catholic church is still anti-gay… Read More >>

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Ciara & her chubby little munchkin, Zahir spotted leaving the Airport[Photos]

    Songbird Ciara was spotted with her son, Future Zahir, as they departed from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) yesterday. CiCi made a conscious decision and sorted her dad’s aid to be a father figure to her son.          

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Bill Cosby can proof he wasn’t at Playboy Mansion on the day of the alleged “r*ped

  Bill Cosby says he can prove he was nowhere near Playboy Mansion on the day of the most alleged rape 6 years ago.   Via TMZ   Bill Cosby has PROOF he was not even at the Playboy Mansion the night one of his accusers claims he sexually assaulted her … so says Cosby’s lawyer. Legal pit bull Marty Singer tells TMZ … on the date in question — August 9, 2008 — he has flight and telephone records that clearly place Cosby in New York City … 2,500 miles from the Mansion.   Chloe Goins claims Cosby gave her a drink at the… Read More >>


[Photos]Heavily Pregnant Caroline Ekanem-Danjuma celebrates her birthday with husband

Heavily pregnant Caroline Ekanem-Danjuma recently celebrated her birthday with her husband by her side. The former actress-turned producer posted photo of the event with the most adorable caption, ever.  

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[VIDEO] Beyoncé & Jay Z- On The Run LIVE, On The Run Tour, Miami FL + Never Before Seen Videos of Their Secret Wedding

Beyoncé & Jay Z- On The Run LIVE, On The Run Tour, Miami FL + Never Before Seen Videos of Their Secret Wedding. Say what you will about Beyonce and Jay Z (and people usually do), but these two have an amazing performance chemistry.   I didn’t attend the opening, but I think I just might make it to one of the shows. Amazing! Byonce also shared a video featuring when she was pregnant with baby Blue Ivy.       

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Kim Kardashian goes back to being blonde

The reality star tweeted photos featuring her new blonde look. And this time, it’s even blonder than what she normally does. It’s almost platinum blonde.  Kim-K was also spotting an all-black attire, a black sleeveless t-shirt and black ripped jeans, possibly to accentuate her now blonde look.   Kim debut her new look on instagram with the caption  “It’s baaaaack!! #BlondeHairDontCare”      


Beyonce Set to Star in New Superhero Action Movie Along With Will Smith

Will Smith has reportedly signed pop superstar Beyonce Knowles to be part of the sequel of his action movie Hancock. The 34-year-old singer will play a character named Carly Kicker in Hancock 2, according to     Will Smith played an unlikely superhero with a drinking problem in the original Hancock in 2008. Charlize Theron and Jason Bateman also starred in the original movie.     Via   Not much else is known about the film other than the fact that Will is set to reprise hours 2008 role–not even the plot! We do know that Irene Bedard will play… Read More >>


Janet Jackson, Husband Wissam Al Mana Divorcing? Is the Singer Calling it Quits After 2-Year Marriage?

Posted by~Admin Report swirling today is that Janet Jackson and her husband Wissam Al Mana’s marriage is on the rocks. Okay, let me break it down to the best of my knowledge. Wissam wants to have kids( which is only natural). But Janet Jackson is in her late 40’s, and the chances of her having kids at this stage is pretty slim. And Wissam needs an heir to the family, and adopting a child is clearly not an option for him considering how influential his family is in Saudi Arabia. Reports indicated that the singer is not happy with being married… Read More >>


A five month old baby being resuscitated-Every mother’s worst nightmare!

If you’ve never taken a CPR class, then you have to read this! And hopefully, this story JUST MIGHT motivate you into taking one.But for the quick thinking of this woman and her knowledge of CPR, this could very well have been a different story.  A woman driving on a Florida expressway pulled over screaming for help when her 5-month-old nephew stopped breathing on Thursday afternoon. Motorists stuck in traffic rushed to help Pamela Rauseo, above, perform CPR on her nephew, Sebastian de la Cruz, on the Dolphin Expressway in Miami,according to The Miami Herald. Herald photographer Al Diaz was behind… Read More >>

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Did Beyoncé Admits to Being a Member of the Illuminati??

Posted by~Admin Did she really? I have stayed optimistic, keeping my fingers crossed and praying that this was just another one of those make-believe stories made up by some jobless individual with nothing but time on their hands. The first time I ever heard about Illuminati was back in the 90’s while listening to the late Tupac Shakur (who was and still is the greatest rapper of all time-my opinion). He talked a lot about it then, and I always just thought his overactive imagination(God knows he had a lot of those) was overworking itself. Anyways, I’m keeping my fingers… Read More >>

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